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María’s journey to theatre led her through fields of multimedia design, photography, social work and medical school; and it began to manifest at the age of 22 when she worked as hospital clown in Buenos Aires. This early spark led her deeper into clown technique and thus deeper into theatre itself.

She continued her path learning clown, through different teachers such as Julia Muzio, Jorge Costa and Gabriel Paez. Later on, she studied physical clown some years with Lucia Snitcofsky, who inspired and encourage her to teach.

Subsequently, she entered the EMAD: Metropolitan School of Dramatic Arts (Buenos Aires) specializing herself in “Acting for Open Spaces”. Here she was training outdoors for two years in the beautiful Parque Avellaneda (Buenos Aires), came rain, came shine.

In that time, she met the very well-known mask maker, Alfredo Iriarte. Inspired by him she began her research into the different masks in general but also into techniques of mask making and the pedagogies by Marcelo Savignone and Lecoq.

Realizing that the so called Balinese masks were named after the Island Bali, where people actually created these masks, María caught fire and knew she had to go. For nearly two years she lived in Bali, carving masks in wood and eventually forming part of a collaboration with her teacher, mentor and friend, I Made Sudirga. This project is called „My Bali Mask“. Entering into the Balinese beliefs and conceptions of the world, it was in this time that María underwent a process of healing and reshaping herself as person and artist.

When she returned to Argentina, she created workshops, which brought together Balinese masks and conceptions with occidental theatre: Allowing the creation of her own and personal research of theatre with masks.

Her journey continued and led her to the school formerly known as LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts, now arthaus.berlin) in Berlin. In summer 2019 she completed their two year training in performing arts, devising theatre, and embodied dramaturgy.

After a pedagogical journey with Thomas Prattki, María is now working as teacher and facilitator at arthaus.berlin.

Photos: Maria Ines Mariano
Texts: Sophia Hubmann