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María gave her first mask workshop in 2017, Bali, followed by workshops in Argentina and Germany.

Inspired by her balinese teacher, she holds on to the practice of what is called ikhlas by Balinese people: giving without expecting anything in return.

She invites the participants to explore whatever it is that their interaction with the masks open up. Her intention is to create and hold a space for others to find their own spaces, a certain kind of openness, and ways to get freed. Like the friction between fire stones that is needed to set the fire’s energy free, María regards the experience of resistance and the work against it as key elements in the exploration of masks.

The quest to get freed or to release a body blockage by finding life qualities previously unknown, is a great inspiration to María. It is the Balinese concept of besakan (to be free) which poses another guiding principle to her mask pedagogy. 

As one of the many researchs, “Seven Steps into the Creation of a Mask“ is her own technique to grapple with one’s own masks asking the question: what happens when we accept and integrate our own fears into one mask?